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ProImmune 200

ProImmune Boost Your Immune

“We are exposed to so many toxins from our environment… food preservatives, car exhaust, cigarette smoke.   Our civilization is more complicated so more demands are placed on glutathione.  There’s a continuous need for glutathione replenishment. It’s like breathing air you continually need it

(Dr. Albert B. Crum, 2016)”.


1. Antioxidant activity

2. Preventing cancer progression

3. Reducing cell damage in liver disease

4. Improving insulin sensitivity

5. Reducing symptoms of Parkinson's disease

6. Reducing ulcerative colitis damage

Our Team

MoPlatte Hyperbarics consists of coordinated and initiative team that parallels the cooperation that goes on between oxygen and glutathione.


CDr. Edward Fogarty, MD is a diagnostic radiology specialist in Bismarck, ND and has been practicing for 22 years. He graduated from University of Nebraska / College of Medicine in 1998 and specializes in diagnostic radiology.


Transforming Your Life with Pressure

MoPlatte Hyperbarics is a company that is dedicated to using glutathione wellness and hyperbaric therapy. The hyperbaric component is focused on developing facilities and chamber access located in the Missouri and the Platte River valley. The global need for glutathione is universal and links to oxygen. 

Our Offering

ProImmune 200

ProImmune 200

Promotes a healthy Immune System

Supports overall wellness

Increases Energy

Detoxes the Liver and cells

Improves quality of sleep

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